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It is our belief that we should give back to the community, protect the environment and ensure the safety, health and development of our staffs in addition to creating considerable return for shareholders.

It is our commitment to the society that “we empower, enrich, encourage our staff so as to seek accomplishments with fun” and “we are committed to become a Green Corporate Citizen for the benefit of all”.

We not only pursue continuous development, but also concern with environmental management. Therefore, we fulfill our commitment and responsibilities to the society by formulating appropriate “sustainable development policy” and “environment policy”, adhering to relevant codes and implementing specific measures.

Major achievements of the Group on corporate social responsibility are as follows:

Corporate Governance
Strict compliance to environmental regulations
All printing products fulfilled the environmental requirements from clients and the society
Group have received ISO 14001 certification and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
Fair Operating Practice
Business Ethics
To adopt scrupulous business practices and promote business ethics and integrity.
To require all staff to be in strict compliance with the relevant regulations under our anti-corruption systems.
To maintain a fair and clean business environment among our suppliers and clients
Labour Practice
Encouraging continuing education
To provide various training programmes to all staff, such as certification systems, environmental protection and internal audit trainings, 5S and action learning to offer all staff better promotion prospects.
Providing leisure activities
Besides working performance, we also care about the collaboration among and the mental health of our staffs that we often organise leisure activities for our staffs to reduce stress.
Human Rights
Occupational safety and health
To offer a safe working environment for staffs and has a safety regulation system in place.
To have in-factory fire fighting teams, safety officers and clinics for all staff.
To concern with the lighting, noise, airing and ventilation in the workplace.
Consumer Issues
Cooperation with business partners
To give priority to suppliers implementing eco-friendly measures
To promote environmental awareness of our business partners and abandon the use of environmental hazardous materials.
Environmental Issues
Caring for environment
To systematically utilise energy and resources in our business operations and minimise the production and emission of VOC and waste gas.
Resources utilisation and management
To apply durable, energy-saving and low heat lighting equipments as well as equipment and appliances with high energy efficiency.
To enhance ventilation and room temperature control for less energy consumption.
To maintain water consumption at a reasonable level as well as regular checking on water leakage for water saving and lower wastage.
Community Development
Community relations and contribution
To participate in various community and charity activities and competitions. For example, the Group participated the “Hong Kong Green Awards 2010” (HKGA 2010) organised by Green Council and obtained the “Green Purchaswi$e Award (Large Corporation) - Gold Award”.
We have also sponsored the “International Coastal Cleanup 2011 Hong Kong” organised by Green Council.
To make voluntary contributions, such as donations to Qinghai Yushu earthquake relief.
Our Environmental Principles
Ensure Compliance, Prevent Pollution, Conserve Energy and Reduce Emissions;
Act Together, Pursue Unremitting Improvement and Implement Green Management.
Our Sustainable Development Strategies
Make Full Use of Resources, Conserve Energy and Reduce Emissions, Recycle and Reuse,
and Promote Green Culture.

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